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Rinnai Gas Hot Water Package Auckland - $3,600 incl Electrical

Micron Plumbing and Gas are offering you a Supplied and Installed Package Deal to replace your old hot water cylinder with a Rinnai Infinity A26 gas hot water system installed for just $3,600 incl GST!   

* Supply of 1 x Rinnai Infinity A26 gas hot water unit (either LPG or Natural Gas unit), gas changeover regulator and all valves required. 
* Installation of Rinnai Infinity A26 unit by licensed gas fitter (the owner personally does every install)
* Electrical work needed to install an external power supply by registered electrician.
* Testing and Gas Certificate 
* Available for either LPG (bottled gas) or Natural Gas (gas piped from the street)
* All plumbing piping and materials needed to connect Rinnai Infinity unit to existing plumbing
* Terms and conditions apply

To find out if you qualify for this Rinnai Gas Hot Water Package Deal, give Ron a call on 0204 086 5976 to arrange a free site visit and quote.  Or simply fill out the contact form on our Contact page. 

Benefits of installing Rinnai Infinity Gas Water Heater

* Mains Pressure Water Systems
* External Units - save on space as no hot water cylinder is stored inside your cupboard
* Continuous hot water flow - no more running out of hot water after heavy shower usage.
* Energy efficient - only running when you are using hot water.

For more information about the Rinnai A26 unit please visit Rinnai's website below.

Rinnai Gas Water Package - Terms and Conditions

* Concrete pad/chain needed if using LPG gas bottles (optional extra)
* Supply/hire of 2 x 45kg gas bottles. 
* Installation of natural gas meter to house.  New gas connections are installed by Vector.  
* Connecting up any extra gas appliances such as gas cookers (this will be an additional cost)
* Fixing any leaks or water hammer on existing pipework or fittings due to any increase of pressure in the hot piping if upgrading from low pressure.

* This price allows for a distance of up to 3m from the gas water heater to the bottles. Sometimes the existing gas pipe diameter is too small coming from the meter. If this is the situation, the pipe must be upsized to suit the demand. This will be an additional cost if needed.  
* A free site visit is available to confirm if the property fits the criteria for the package deal price - any additional charges will be well communicated before the job commences
* Price available in selected areas in the Auckland region only.
* This price is available for a limited time only.

What is a Rinnai Infinity gas system?

The Rinnai Infinity A26 is a continuous flow gas water heater.  The Rinnai unit heats water on demand only when it is used, which means you do not need storage room for your hot water such as in the case of a hot water cylinder.  It also means these units are energy efficient as you are not keeping any stored water hot when it is not being used.

The Rinnai Infinity unit will be installed on an external wall of your house, saving you space inside your home.  These gas units supply a continuous, instant and unlimited hot water supply.  This means that even if there are many people in the house using hot water, you will not run out of hot water and end up having a cold shower like in the case of a hot water cylinder.