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Gasfitting Services

  • Gas Water Heating Installation
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Installation of Rinnai EnergySavers
  • LPG/Natural Gas
  • Conversion of electric to gas water heating.

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    Please note we do not provide gas maintenance services such as repairing or servicing gas appliances.


    The Rinnai Infinity A26 is a continuous flow gas hot water system supplied by a unit fixed to the exterior of your house. This type of hot water system produces endless hot water, and is a energy efficient water heating system, because it's only on when you need hot water.

    Benefits include:

    * Continuous, unlimited hot water - no more running out and having a cold shower!

    * The units are relatively small and are fixed to the outside of your house, freeing up valuable space in cupboards for you to use for other purposes.

    * No stored water to keep hot which minimises your running costs to heat your water.

    * Mains water pressure

    Micron Plumbing and Gas can supply and install a new Rinnai Infinity A26 for your home. If you are thinking of changing from electric water heating to gas, give us a call today for a free quote on 0204 086 5976.

    $2,950 incl GST - Includes supply and installation of 1 x Rinnai Infinity A26 External Gas Water Heater, changeover regulator and all valves as required.  This price does not include concrete pad needed if using LPG gas bottles or any electrical work needed to install an external powerpoint. Does not include hire of 2 x 45kg gas bottles. This price allows for a distance of up to 6m from the gas water heater to the bottles. Sometimes the existing gas pipe diameter is too small coming from the meter. If this is the situation, the pipe must be upsized to suit the demand. This will be an additional cost if needed.  Price available in Hibiscus Coast and North Shore.


    Have a leaking HWC? Or just thinking of replacing your HWC? This is a perfect time to think about changing to gas water heating!

    Enjoy extra storage space - when you remove your old hot water cylinder the cupboard space will be all yours!

    Also if you have previously been on low pressure then you will love the mains water pressure that a gas califont will give you!

    If you would prefer to just replace your old hot water cylinder with a new one, we are experts in plumbing and hot water cylinder replacements too!

    To discuss the options, give us a call on 0204 086 5976.